Three quality signings for FC FURY 04 GDA

FC FURY is one of the founding members of the GDA and will open their inaugural campaign in September. Seventy clubs will participate in the Girls Development Academy the first ever full time youth soccer program established for girls.

The FURY program is delighted to offer the top players of Long Island and New York the opportunity to play and train with a fully professional staff that have developed over 40 youth national team players, 22 professional players (9 PRESENT NWSL professional players) and two present starters on the full USWNT.

The DA will be the top league for female soccer competition in the United States. Many games will be scouted by US National Team Staff as well as having college scouts in attendance.

Isabella Romano
FC FURY is proud to announce the signing of Isabella (Bella) Romano to the inaugural GU14 FC FURY 2004 GDA team. Bella comes to FC FURY From Syosset Soccer Club via East Meadow's Olympique Marseille Pre-ECNL team. Bella is a player with a great deal of experience at the highest levels of youth soccer. She has been invited to and participated in the NTC Regional Combines, ENY ODP, Red Bulls Select Program, and was a two-time National Training Camp attendee. Bella isn't your typical #9. She is just as good with her back to goal or running at it. She is incredibly versatile and has the ability to play any position on the field, although her natural inclination is to attack. FC FURY Jr. Director of Player Personnel Izzy Cotto commented, "Bella is a tremendously gifted left-footed player. She has a phenomenal work rate and an IQ that allows her to see the game at a very high level. Given all of her quality, I think that she will transition beautifully into the GDA program and I know that she won't have an issue adapting to the technical, tactical, physical, or mental demands of the game." When asked why she choose FC FURY Bella stated, "In life you make your own luck. I chose FC FURY to be more lucky. FC FURY puts me in the best possible position to get to the next level on and off the pitch."

Emma Romano
FC FURY is proud to announce the signing of Emma Romano to the inaugural GU14 FC FURY 2004 GDA team. Emma comes to FC FURY having previously played for Syosset Soccer Club and most recently for East Meadow's Olympique Marseille Pre-ECNL team. Emma comes to FC FURY with an impressive list of accolades and accomplishments. She has been a member of the Red Bulls Select Program, ENY ODP, and was named to players that impressed list just to name a few. She is a dominant right footed player who is just as dangerous playing the #7 or #11. "What I love most about Emma is her confidence. Any where she plays, anything she is asked to do, she knows she can do it at the highest level. She's equally talented with both feet, remarkably intelligent, and very coachable. She takes everything said to her to heart. You can tell it means something to her." Commented FC FURY Jr. Director of Player Personnel Izzy Cotto. When asked why she choose FC FURY Emma stated, "I want to train and compete at the highest level. I'm excited to join a founding member club of GDA and to try and build something special at FC FURY. I know the staff and my teammates will help me reach my highest potential and I can't wait to play against the best players the country has to offer. I choose to be motivated and inspired so it's only natural that I chose the Development Academy at FC FURY."

Avani Voytelmgum
FC FURY is delighted to announce the signing of Avani Voytelmgum to the inaugural GU14 FC FURY 04 GDA team. Avani first developed her love for the game at the early age of 7, while watching her older sister play soccer. Since then it has been a steady rise to the upper echelons of youth soccer. Starting off in a community club, Avani would eventually progress through the teams and look for more challenging endeavors which would lead her to join the famed Albertson Fury. While at Albertson, Avani has learned to not only play the game but to study it. Being a true student of game she has developed an understanding and IQ that is uncommon in many youth players. It's this understanding that makes her so versatile and able to contribute to the game in multiple positions. When asked about the new signing FC FURY Jr. Director of Player Personnel Izzy Cotto said, "For me, Avani is a prototypical #9. She's fast. She's strong. She gets in behind back lines. She's fantastic in the air, good with her back to goal, and always seems to get a touch on balls served into the box. She's definitely a player we are excited to have the opportunity to work with." Avani's high intensity, attitude, and mentality allow her to not only succeed on the field but in the class room as well. She maintains High Honor Roll status while taking all accelerated classes. When asked why she choose FC FURY Avani stated, "It's pretty simple, I want to be challenged. I want to play with and against the best and that's FC FURY!"

FC FURY has been built on the most advanced technical and European training methods and further developed by professionals from the women's game.

Are you ready to embrace the future of soccer in this country:

- fully licensed staff
- be part of the first ever DA on LI
- comprehensive, competitive training curriculum 
- full periodization plan
- expansive speed, power and strength programs
- advanced technology utilization including GPS, heart monitors, match analysis, activation protocols and wellness
- professional academy built to produce top College players, YNT players, full USWNT players and NWSL PRO players.

Only 80 players will represent the DA next year. Will you be one of them!

For more information on the Girls DA please contact or visit us at our website


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